The Essential Supervisor's Handbook

The Essential Supervisor's Handbook

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The Essential Supervisor's Handbook provides a guide for both new and experienced supervisors, featuring expert explainations, advice, and motivation. This invaluable, quick reference guide covers a wide range of topics, from employee relations, team leadership, and motivation, to the legal aspects of hiring, firing, and disciplining employees.

The Essential Supervisor's Handbook also takes on difficult issues from upgrading to downsizing - and everything in between - including how to:

- Create a successful, productive work atmosphere

- Project a positive attitude even when the negativity is overwhelming

- Move your team and yourself forward

- Supervise multicultural teams

- Effectively work with unions

- Find the right ways to communicate with your team.

Terrence Sember has more than 20 years experience in management positions. He is currently Chief Information Officer with Chakra Communications Inc. Brette Sember is the author of over 30 books and is a former attorney and mediator.

* Russian version also published by Dilya Publishing. *

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